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Fatal Crane Accident - Seattle, WA

Saturday, April 27, 2019, a construction crane crashed down onto cars and pedestrians in downtown Seattle, tragically killing four innocent people: Sarah Wong, 19, Alan Justad, 71, Andrew Yoder, 31, and Travis Corbet, 33. Cranes and crane operation are the most dangerous aspect of large scale construction projects and Seattle has more cranes in operation than any other city in the U.S. - 60 cranes in the city and over 120 across the state. Having and following safe operating procedures and methods is crucial to ensuring the safety of construction workers and the public. There are strong laws in Washington that govern crane owner's and crane operator's duties and obligations to ensure safe operation. When these procedures and laws are ignored or violated, innocent people suffer the consequences of this highly dangerous activity. The attorneys at Injury Law Group NW have extensive experience handling crane accident cases on both sides of the legal battle - both in defense of the crane operators and on behalf of victims of crane accidents. We now dedicate our practice and experience to representing injured victims of negligence. Write or call and see what Injury law Group NW can do to see justice done for you and your loved ones injured or killed as a result of careless crane operations.