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Injury Law Group NW

We represent people injured by the carelessness of others

How we work

Compassionate and effective representation

Injury Law Group NW is a law firm with a singular focus: providing compassionate and effective legal representation to people injured or damaged by the carelessness and negligence of others.

Compassionate means listening. Doing our best to understand and appreciate the profound impacts an accident has on our clients' lives, their ability to work, to enjoy friends and family, to interact with the world pain-free.  

Effective means using this knowledge and understanding to pursue justice against those who are responsible. It means putting the defendants in the shoes of our clients so they can see and feel the loss and damage they have caused, and in doing so getting the best possible recovery for our clients. 

Our advantage over the other side

We have over 16 years of trial experience defending the very insurance companies and insureds that we now seek justice against. At ILG we know how insurance companies and their army of adjusters and attorneys think and operate from the inside.

We use that knowledge to better represent our clients in pre-trial, discovery, settlement negotiations, and when necessary, at trial or on appeal. 
We listen. We fight. We win.
Isn't it time for you to put our experience from the other side to work for you?